An exciting thing happened the other day for Origin Campers.  We were approached by a journalist that had been commissioned by CAMPER AUSTRALIA MAGAZINE to write an article and take some images on our most recent model, the Long-Range V2.  Well of course we said yes and we set a meeting place and time out in the bush. 

Sam is an independent journalist and Emma is a photographer working and travelling together to present a fantastic article and these guys were so very professional, we were impressed.  They obviously had experience in writing about camper trailers and camping as they were asking all the right questions about the great features of the Origin Long-Range V2.  Rod had not long finished the camper trailer so since then he has added to the kitchen with cupboards and our innovative idea of slide in/slide out shelving that stores away nice and secure while travelling but when in use, gives you that much needed extra bench space.


When we asked these guys about what they thought or what they would change, they said they really wouldn’t change too much.  For them, the Origin Campers Square Drop Campers best feature was the ability to rock up to your camp with literally no set up, just open the teardrop doors and flop into bed or to open the rear door and the kitchen is just there.  Another positive comment from Sam was the all the features the Long-Range V2 is usually found in a small caravans but we have managed to fit tucked away neat and compact. They also really liked the timber trims of the kitchen calling it homey which is a standard feature of all our camper trailers.

We’re looking forward to see the published article in either February 2021 or March 2021 and you’ll find all the details in the CAMPER AUSTRALIA magazine and here is a Facebook link to subscribe to their magazine