The Friday grind is upon you once again & you find yourself with happy camping thoughts of a few bevy’s around the fire.  It’s been a while since you’ve been able to get away for exploring and camping in your Squaredrop Teardrop Camper Trailer.  You’re yearning to get away from the hustle and bustle of work, the busy congested roads and all that stuff you need to do around the house.  It’s starting to take it’s toll on you.  You make that last-minute decision to go camping so you quickly log onto the net and book your favourite campground.

Late Friday afternoon rolls in and your mind is constantly drifting to the thought of camping. Your looking forward to sleeping surrounded by natural rainforest and tranquil beauty.  Waking Saturday morning with the sounds of the rainforest, birds chirping and the fresh smell of grass covered with morning dew keeps you happy until Friday knock off time.  

With an Origin Camper it’s possible to get a way without too much planning as your Camper Trailer is already set up.  Making those last-minute decision when you have a hard body Squaredrop style camper trailer like the Long-Range or Borderline models is easy knowing you don’t have to put poles together in the darkness.  With the turn of a key, and the opening of a door or two, your set up within minutes, it’s really that simple!!! 

The Long-Range & Borderline camper trailer models are perfect for impromptu camping as it has all the bedding set up all the time, you just open the door.  If you have had the experience with camping in canvas, your bedding can get a bit smelly while stored from the lack of air and the smell of the canvas on bedding can be a bit overwhelming to some.  

In an Origin Camper, there’s no canvas that is in touch with bedding at any time.  All our camper trailer models have great ventilation with opening windows and flyscreens and can be left open while tucked away in your garage during periods of non-use so the bed is as fresh as when you made it.  

If you have the experience at turning up to your camp site late evening or night, setting up canvas and poles in the dark is not so much fun.  With an Origin Camper, there is no need to set up canvas or tents, no sticky to open tent poles, no ropes and pegs to find in the dark.  A few locks to open and you’re done, ready for that campfire and relax time.  That’s what it’s all about anyway! Relax, fun and explore more with an Origin Camper Trailer.

It’s dark when you arrive and your glad there’s no need to open your awning, your kitchen has shelter provided by the large rear door.   LED strip lighting is positioned on the rear door illuminating the entire kitchen and surrounds.  The kitchen is already set up with features like overhead shelving and bench top cupboards, everything you need is in easy reach.  All our camper trailers feature timber bench tops and trims which gives a little touch of home to your camping experience. 

Benchtop space is extended by sliding into place the addition of a custom aluminium composite bench that sits just behind the wheel arch which is a fantastic STANDARD feature that no other teardrop or Squaredrop camper trailers offers.

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Meal done and dusted, partner is warming toes by the fire, you’ve poured yourself a glass of your favourite beverage and sit down around the campfire.  Silence is bliss!!!  Your relaxed and gently winding down from the busy week while hearing the crackling noises of your campfire.  No traffic noise and no need to get up early tomorrow.  WIN WIN