Origin Campers have been manufacturing for a few years now with four models in our expanding range.  CONTOUR, LONG-RANGE V1, LONG-RANGE V2 and BORDERLINE.

Each camper trailer is hand made using materials sourced from Australia.  We are big on supporting business in Australia and while not all materials are Australian made, we use Australian Made Camper Trailer Components wherever possible.

Rod is Origin Campers designer and in charge of Manufacturing.  As part of the manufacturing process, we continue to test our materials under rigorous testing methods and the outdoor weather extremes to make sure what we present to our customers is quality throughout the whole entire build and for the life of the campers.   

Origin Camper Trailers are Individually welded using steel supplied by local suppliers from the Sunshine Coast

Camper trailers

Each camper is individually welded using steel supplied by local suppliers, interior and exterior panels are cut to specific drawings, adhered together using low fume adhesives and clamped for drying.  The internal part of the multi layered wall system uses AA Grade Marine Ply for strength.  All aluminium finishing extrusions are cut to size, drilled in their location but then removed for powder coating.  Once all the drill holes and raw edges are coated, they are then fixed in their final locations using 316 stainless steel screws which are marine grade stainless steel.  

The ceiling is 50mm thick with internal insulation within the sandwiched cladding, giving you cool to touch in summer and keeps you warmer in winter, not to mention helps with the noise factor.  If you’ve ever camped in canvas above your head in summer you would know by experience it warms up pretty quickly.  As well as the insulated ceiling, the rear door is also insulated.  The custom front box housing the fridge is vented and also has an insulation layer internally to assist in your fridge working it’s best.

Origin Campers

12 Volt lighting throughout has been cleverly built in behind panels and into roof cavity to hide wires where possible giving you that flush clean look.  There are no 240 outlets to any of our campers but you can easily plug your Projector 6 stage battery charger into 240V which will continue to charge your 140AH battery to run your fridge & phone which keeps everything humming along nicely.  Anderson plug to A frame is standard on all our campers for car to trailer charging while you travel ensuring your food stays cold when you arrive at your off grid destination.

We use quality ALKO products in our camper trailers.  From Axle, leaf suspension, drop down legs and heavy-duty jockey wheel.

The kitchen is a touch of home with timber bench top and trims.  Custom aluminium composite slide in benches extend that much needed bench space and can be left in place while the rear door is closed. The slide in bench stores on mounts inside rear kitchen while travelling. 

The Long-Range V2 has two teardrop doors with glass sliding windows and screens.  A great safety feature of these doors is you can lock them from the inside keeping you secure and giving you that peace of mind while you sleep.  Perfect for roadside stops. 

The Long-Range V1 is a rear entry camper trailer allowing access to the inside of the cabin and features an insulated rear door and large screened windows that open outward for maximum airflow.  

We use awning style open outward windows rather than sliding type so you can still have windows open to capture breeze even if it’s raining or you want to go out for the day but rain may be imminent, it’s a great was to keep the air flowing through your camper.

On the exterior, we use an aluminium composite panel that comes with UV properties.  These exterior walls are partially covered by our exclusive trademarked camo wrap.  Full wraps are available so ask us for a quote.

The roof of the trailer is 50mm thick and insulated with a white roof made from composite panel with UV qualities which helps to reflect sunlight and heat reducing the heat inside the cabin.  The internal ceiling is lined with carpet to help with sound proofing.  In the colder parts of the country, the insulated ceiling is a great feature to have which will help keep the cabin warmer as opposed to canvas which has no insulation values.

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